Climate Change

It’s the elephant in the room that none of the other parties want to talk about. If we don’t reduce the amount of carbon being burnt, then our planet will heat up causing catastrophic climate change. The seas will rise, crops will fail, extreme storms and droughts will become more common.

This is not inevitable. The solutions are simple. We can generate our energy from the wind, the sun and the waves, as well as making our homes, factories and transport systems more efficient so we don’t need so much energy. After lots of difficult negotiations, countries got together in 2015 and agreed to do just that.

But for some reason, the Conservative government seems determined to ignore that agreement. Through its actions over the last two years, it has shown that it is more interested in preserving the profits of the big fossil fuel energy companies that it is about our future. It has slashed support for renewable energy and given the go ahead for ‘fracking’ to extract more fossil fuels from under our homes and parks, risking the safety of our water supplies. It has committed billions to building a new nuclear power station just 40 miles from our constituency that will take decades to complete and will produce electricity that is more expensive than renewables.

David Davies has repeatedly ignored the scientific evidence, denied climate change and blocked attempts to reduce carbon emissions. Monmouth doesn’t need an MP who buries his head in the sand. As a science graduate, I understand the urgency of the problem and can see what needs to be done. I am committed to resisting the vested interests who put their profits before our children and taking action to build a sustainable energy future for all our sakes.

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