Environment promises

Concerns about the environment are not limited to climate change. Our physical, mental and spiritual health is greatly affected by our connection to the natural world around us. But we don’t see the environment as a resource just for our own benefit – we see that nature is valuable in its own right.

We want to make sure that our air is clean, our water safe to drink and our food healthy. We want to protect our precious wildlife and preserve their natural habitats. We see that our ancient forests and woodlands have a value that is greater than the timber that can be cut down.

If elected I will work hard for a ban on the bee-killing neonicotinoid insecticides. It’s simple biology – if we kill all the bees, they won’t be able to pollinate the flowers and blossom, and then where will we be? The rest of the EU want to ban them – why has the Conservative government been trying to stop the ban?

I will also vote against any attempt to bring back the cruel practice of hunting foxes with dogs.

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