Our future is not set in stone

Our future is not set in stone, despite what the rich and powerful tell us. We have real choices and need to ask ourselves: What type of world do we want to live in? What type of future do we want for our children? Do we want to live in the Tory/UKIP dream of a deregulated sweatshop economy or do we want to prosper in a country that is proud of the standards it upholds? Do we want to destroy every last bit of our natural resources to help make the rich even richer, or do we want to build a sustainable economy that nourishes rather than depletes the environment? Do we want to turn our back on international agreements to stop catastrophic climate change, or do we want to build a low carbon future where everybody benefits? Do we want our schools, NHS and social care to be run further into the ground, or do we want them properly funded?

We also have a choice about who we want to represent us in Parliament and to the rest of the country. The people of Monmouthshire are kind and compassionate. They want the vulnerable to be protected and supported. They see the beauty in our natural environment and want to preserve it. They value the relationships with have with other countries. They need an MP who reflects those values, those aspirations. Since the last election, David Davies has shown himself to be a heartless MP who is out of touch, playing politics with people’s lives. It’s time for a change, for some common decency, for forward thinking, for a green and brighter future.

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